Domestic Services

Domestic Services

We offer a variety of customized and cost effective solutions for transport by Air, Road and Rail. Your freight can be transported any location in India. You can always control the speed and costs of your supply chain by choosing the best suite to your needs.

1. Domestic Airfreight – DAF

You can choose DAF to deliver your cargo to Metro and tier 2/3 cities in India as per your requirement of,

Day Definite Delivery– to meet your next possible business day delivery needs of less urgent shipments.

Time Critical Delivery to meet your guaranteed time bound delivery to selected cities.

2.Domestic Road Freight

D&V Logistiek has an extensive portfolio of domestic road freight services within India.  Whether you are transporting pallets, part  or full truck load, D&V Logistiek has a service to meet your requirement

Road Express Freight-REF For your less urgent and smaller freight shipments, pickup and delivery through our safe, secure and most cost-effective operations network across the country.

FTL– Full Truck Load service including efficient trucking solutions that provide the safest, secured and fastest medium to move your large volume of cargo.

3. Domestic Rail Freight

offers time bound and safe movement of the cargo through leased SLR with trained handlers.

4.Domestic e-Com Solutions

The E-Commerce ventures can choose from our wide range of customized solutions for their delivery fulfillment and warehousing need.

 e-Com- First Mile

e-Com-Last Mile – Prepaid and COD

e-Com- Reverse logistics